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90 Days of Consecration & Personal Revival
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Personal 90 Day Prayer Journal

People ought to pray and pray often in the ways in which they understand prayer. Prayer has the possibility of shaping our hope and revealing our deepest sense of intent during these times. This is a prayer journal based on the work of Chaplain Christopher Jones, who has done much to bridge the conversation of diversity and inclusion with faith and social justice.  


This ecumenical book was designed with the Black Global Family in mind -- this simply means the work considered the lives of any and everybody who claims a black identity in the world. Many may read it, and therefore the writings and prompts are written in a way to meet anyone's need for prayer and personal revival. Available in paperback and ebook for Kindle.


Please purchase your personal journal and write and let us know how this book is blessing your journey.

Is there a special prayer you've been meditating on these days, to bring about healing, peace, and unity?

Contribute it to the patchwork of prayers we're building in coordination with the 90 Days of Consecration.

FINAL 30 days
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CJ - 1st 30 days.jpg

Use the digital download and join us in Prayer for 90 days. You can purchase your 30 Day Prayer Prompts individually for each month or in a bundle. 

Individual Digital Download - $3.99 each or all for $8.00

3 Month Digital Prayer Prompts

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