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Do you find it hard to communicate effectively?

Confidently articulating what is really desired can be painful when you battle internally on how to respond to make peace and getting to a resolution around a matter. 


This daily struggle can entail one having attachments to ideas, feelings, and beliefs that make it hard to work through disputes and relational conflicts. This includes power imbalances and communication difficulties in communication.  


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GCC Conflict Coaching & Spiritual Direction 

According to the Handbook of Conflict Resolution (2014), conflict coaching began in the 1990s as a strategic skill for business executives and a supplement to mediation on university campuses.


Leading theorists of this process suggest that conflict coaching is an approach where a coach and client communicate one-on-one for the purpose of developing the client’s conflict-related understanding, interaction strategies, and interaction skills.  With GCC, part of client skill development considers spiritual practices and wisdom from various religious traditions as a means to help console a client’s inner life dilemmas that may arise in relation to the conflict. 

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Group | Team | Family Mediation 
Neutral Mediation For Peace-Making 

What to expect:


Decisions made during a mediation are to be made by the parties. Our mediators shall not make substantive decisions for any party. We, as mediators, are responsible for assisting the parties in reaching informed and voluntary decisions while protecting their right to self-determination.


Our mediators and coaches shall not coerce or improperly influence any party to make a decision, or unwillingly participate in a mediation.


If for any reason, a party is unable to freely exercise self-determination, a mediator will cancel or postpone mediation until all parties choose to move the process forward to mediation. 


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